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H+ Roundtable "Brain Enhancement & Rights"

Online event about brain enhancement organized by Humanity+ with Anders Sandberg and Francesca Minerva (FREE)


Participants: featuring neuroscientist Anders Sandberg and bioethicist Francesca Minerva.

How does it work? First, please be online in advance so that you are present when the Roundtable starts! Participants open with a 1-minute position statement (quick-fire). Discussion and debate between participants continues and ends with each making a closing statement for the 40-minute round. Attendees have an opportunity to post their comments in the chat.

Workshops begin at the end of the roundtable and are hosted by members. The workshops are simultaneous and you can join all of them! Below are the three hosts and their topics:

  • Room #1. Taryn Stokowski "Misinformation: Social Echo-Chamber".
  • Room #2. Dan Elton "The proactionary Principle as a framework for FDA reform".
  • Room #3. Jose Cordeiro "TransVision 2021 - Madrid, Spain".

Workshops are facilitated by members and take place after the Roundtable. These workshops are organized by members, who select their own topics.

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See also: Institute Humanity+ - Nonprofit organization that promotes ethical use of new technologies to improve human capabilities

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Mentioned in this Resource

Anders Sandberg

Senior research fellow at Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford

Daniel (Dan) C. Elton

Ex-physicist now working on applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning to biology and medicine.

Francesca Minerva

Research fellow at the University of Milan.

José Cordeiro

Engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist

Taryn Stokowski

Graduate student at University of Alberta.