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Graham Hatfull

Professor of Biological Sciences and Eberly Family Professor of Biotechnology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hatfull is Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences at Westfield College, University of London (1975-1978) and graduate studies in Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh (1978-1981).  Following postdoctoral research at Yale University with Dr. Nigel Grindley (1981-1983, 1984-1988) and with Bart Barrell and Fred Sanger at MRC Cambridge (1983-1984) he joined the University of Pittsburgh in 1988.

Dr. Hatfull's research interests include the molecular genetics of the mycobacteria and their bacteriophages, with particular interests in viral diversity and evolution, genetic systems for tuberculosis, and the mechanisms of site-specific recombination. He also explores ways to integrate research priorities with science education and helps to lead the HHMI-supported PHIRE and SEA-PHAGES programs.

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