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Gentag is to help disposable wireless sensor technologies ubiquitous, affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide

Gentag is pioneering the use of disposable, ultrathin wearable sensors that can be read with NFC-enabled devices, which will make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all worldwide. The company’s groundbreaking work in advanced geolocation, battery-less disposable sensor applications, and integrated communications will revolutionize not only medical diagnostics, but also location-based services, allergen detection, and the detection of biological and environmental threats (including Covid-19) in food, homes, and workplaces everywhere. Gentag's powerful IP, technologies, and partnerships are at work for a smarter, more connected world.

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Gentag News

Remote monitoring battles diabetes and heart disease

mHealth Intelligence - 18-Sep-2015

Remote monitoring technology can reduce the number of hospital readmissions. Equipment at patien...