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Geelsu Hwang

Assistant professor of department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences of University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor in the Department of Preventive & Restorative Sciences. He received both his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Yonsei University. Before joining Penn Dental Medicine in 2013, he served as a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

His research is centered on applying engineering principles and tools to understand the pathogenesis of various biofilm-associated oral diseases, and to develop therapeutic approaches. His research also includes the dynamic interplay between host and microbes in the context of infectious oral disease. He has published extensively in the area of biofilm research using engineering, biochemical/biophysical, confocal imaging methodologies and mathematical modeling.

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See also: Academia University of Pennsylvania - Private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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