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Frieda Health

Empowers women to take charge of the menopausal journey

Frieda Health, established in 2022 by Valentina Ullrich and Dr. Kai Schulze-Wundling, is a company at the intersection of health and technology. With a team that brings together extensive expertise in both fields, Frieda Health is dedicated to offering innovative solutions for menopause prevention, treatment, and research.

The company's vision is to create a world where every woman has access to personalised menopause support. To achieve this, Frieda Health has set a mission to develop the leading digital platform for menopause prevention and management.

Frieda Health's initial focus is on providing a scientifically based online course tailored for women experiencing menopausal symptoms and stress. This course aims to empower women with knowledge and tools to navigate this life stage. Additionally, the company is actively working on expanding its offerings. This expansion includes the development of additional online courses, diagnostics, and specialised coaching services, broadening the scope of support available for women facing the challenges of menopause.

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Details last updated 20-Nov-2023

Frieda Health News

Frieda Health raised EUR 2.5 million to advance their menopause platform

Live Forever Club - 20-Nov-2023

A step towards empowering women for better health and quality of life