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Francesca Macchiarini

Health Scientist Administrator at National Institute on Aging

Francesca Macchiarini is a program director and the chief of the Biological Resources Branch, Division of Aging Biology at the National Institute on Aging. Her portfolio covered broad scientific areas including pediatric and aging immunology; host immunity to pathogens in immune compromised populations such as the young, elderly, and pregnant women; animal models of organ transplantation; immune effects of radiation exposure; radiation biodosimetry; and radiation medical countermeasures product development.

Currently Macchiarini directs the operations of the NIA aged animal resources and serves as the NIH scientific officer for NIA’s Intervention Testing Program as well as the program officer for the Resilience Assays Development Program and Dog Aging Project.

She holds a M.S. in Molecular Biology and a Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology, both from the University of Maryland.

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