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Daniel Munoz

Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Dr. Muñoz is an Instructor in the Division of Cardiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His clinical research is currently focused on the development of innovative strategies for lowering cardiovascular risk and improving patient outcomes in high-risk primary prevention settings, including the care of critically ill patients in the coronary care unit, as well as the care and counseling of patients in the primary and secondary prevention settings.  In addition, he also maintains an interest in STEMI systems of care and translating data into continual process improvement. Dr. Muñoz remains active in many cardiovascular disease focused organizations and committees. On the national level: a member of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Executive Database Steering Committee and the AHA Acute Cardiac Care Committee; on the state level: the Tennessee AHA Mission, Lifeline Steering Committee.

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Daniel Munoz News

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Independent - 19-Sep-2019

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