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Colin Murdoch

Chief Business Officer at DeepMind, Bootstrapping Isomorphic Labs

Decades of international commercial experience and deep technical expertise mean Colin is uniquely placed to ensure DeepMind’s cutting-edge research benefits as many people as possible. As Chief Business Officer, he oversees a wide-range of teams including Applied, which applies research breakthroughs to Google products and infrastructure used by billions of people. He also helps drive the growth of DeepMind, building and leading critical functions including finance and strategy and leading external and commercial partnerships. Originally an electronics and software engineer, he has held senior positions at both start-ups and global companies such as Thomson Reuters, helping them solve their own complex, mission-critical, real-world challenges.

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Details last updated 09-Dec-2022

Colin Murdoch News

Isomorphic Labs on an expansion drive for its AI-enabled drug discovery

Financial Times (FT) - 03-Dec-2022

Plan is to build a generic platform then work with major pharma companies to take them to market