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Cameron M. Smith

Professor in the Anthropology department at Portland State University, Author, Explorer and Archaeologist

Teaching human evolution and prehistory since 1999, Cameron studied at the University of London's Institute of Archaeology and then Durham University (UK) (BA Joint Hons), with two field seasons at Koobi Fora, Kenya; he then earned an MA (Anthropology) at Portland State University, and a doctorate in Archaeology at Canada's Simon Fraser University in 2004. He teaches a wide variety of courses in human prehistory, including prehistory of the NW Coast. He has been involved PSU's long-term Wapato Valley Research project since 1991. Research interests include Northwest Coast archaeology, evolution in general, cognitive evolution, aboriginal watercraft, usewear analysis and the adaptation of humanity (and our domesticates) to off-Earth environments, e.g. space settlement. Dr. Smith’s books include The Fact of Evolution (Penguin Random House 2011, recently translated into Arabic), An Atlas of Human Prehistory (Cognella 2019), and the forthcoming Evolution and the Drake Equation: An Anthropologist's Estimation of the Probability of Intelligent Life in our Galaxy (Springer 2023).

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Cameron M. Smith Creations

Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization


Book about space colonization with the context of human evolution written by Cameron M. Smith