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Brian M. Delaney

President of the Calorie Restriction Society International and Author

Brian M. Delaney, a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago, helped found the Calorie Restriction Society International, and has been its president for over twenty years. He has published a book on dietary restriction, with Lisa Walford, The Longevity Diet, as well as numerous articles on dietary restriction and life-extension in general.

He is president of Age Reversal Network (formerly Society for the Rescue of Our Elders), a group helping to advance research into very near-term solutions to the problem of aging. He is also an advisory team member for the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, and is RAADfest Global Ambassador. In addition, he is a co-founder and partner of the venture capital company Emergency Longevity Ventures, and is on the Industry Advisory Board of Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

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See also: Institute CR Society International - Nonprofit organization focused on extending human longevity through calorie restriction

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