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Breath of Health (BOH)

Artificial intelligence company for early disease detection

Breath of Health (BOH) is a cutting edge, breath-based technology offering quick, noninvasive, early detection of disease, including Covid-19. The low-cost diagnostic, which identifies over 500 particles through its proprietary AI software, has been extensively tested at renowned hospitals with proven success. 

Through molecular analysis, BOH is able to detect early responses in the immune system, even in the asymptomatic stages. With pre-approval from regulators including the FDA, its international patented algorithm can accurately diagnose Covid-19. The company has now begun clinical studies in five global locations. With distribution agreements with over 20 countries (awaiting FDA approval), BOH is already capable of conducting 180,000 tests per day with results given within one minute or less.

One of the biggest benefits of this disease-recognition system is the relative low cost of testing, offering more people a chance at early detection and improved health outcomes. Breath of Health is revolutionary in providing accessible, preventative medical testing for a range of medical conditions. 

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Details last updated 04-May-2023

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