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Digital solutions for cognitive health

Braingaze brings brain-related healthcare into the digital, AI-empowered age along with practice-inspired patient journeys that are convenient and trustworthy. The company develops digital health solutions to detect, diagnose and treat cognitive disorders and diseases such as ADHD and Alzheimer's disease. 

The BGaze Clinic is a system that comes with advanced eye-tracking hardware to capture involuntary biomarker micro-eye movement patterns. It provides clinics with optimal diagnostic accuracy, adds objectivity, saves time, and improves interaction with the patients and their environment.  

Braingaze is powered by an international, interdisciplinary team of scientists (clinical, mathematicians and artificial intelligence experts), as well as product developers and entrepreneurs.

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Details last updated 01-Apr-2024

Braingaze News

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pharmaphorum - 05-Mar-2024

Braingaze to develop apps for ADHD, autism and alzheimer's using eye-tracking technology