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Brain Preservation Foundation

Non-profit organization that promotes scientific research

BPF’s institutional mission is to promote validated scientific research and technical services development in the field of whole brain preservation for long-term static storage.

We seek to advance this mission through directed research grants, challenge prizes, outreach to appropriate scientific communities, online activities, presentations, publications, and other methods to explore the scientific hypothesis of whether a reliable medical procedure exists that is capable of preserving the neural circuitry of the human brain at nanometer scale, whether such a procedure is sufficient to preserve personal memories and identity in the opinion of a minority consensus of neuroscientists, and whether existing and historical trends in scientific and technical development allow us to make a reasonable case that these preserved memories and identity may be affordably and sustainably revived at a future date.

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People at Brain Preservation Foundation

Michael Cerullo

Psychiatrist, author and Brain Preservation Foundation Research Fellow.

Brain Preservation Foundation News

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