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Biostasis Technologies

Largest independent website about cryonics and emerging human biostasis technologies

The aim of is to increase the understanding of cryonics and advocate its use as an elective medical procedure. We also report on related topics such as rejuvenation technologies, dementia prevention, neuroprotection after cerebral ischemia, and medical nanorobotics.

Emerging scientific evidence has established that the human brain remains biologically viable hours after circulatory arrest. The fine structure of the “postmortem” brain persists even longer and gradually changes in a time- and temperature-dependent fashion. Today, our simplistic “binary” definitions of death increasingly look dated, lack scientific rigor, and need to be updated.

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Details last updated 08-May-2022

People at Biostasis Technologies

Aschwin de Wolf

Owner and Chief Executive Officer Advanced Neural Biosciences and founder of Biostasis Technologies

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