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Basil Harris

Founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer at Basil Leaf Technologies and Emergency Medicine Physician at Main Line Health

Founder of Basil Leaf Technologies (Paoli, PA) and the Final Frontier Medical Devices team fielded by Basil Leaf Technologies for the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE Competition. In April of 2017, Final Frontier Medical Devices was announced as the Top Winner in this healthcare competition, besting over 300 teams from around the world.

Our company aims to develop and market a portable, consumer-level device capable of collecting and interpreting large amounts of data in order to accurately diagnose specific medical conditions, provide users real-time insight regarding their health, and guide them to appropriate action.

We are building a high-quality, high-value, user-friendly device capable of being used by anybody in his or her own home. There is nothing like it in existence. This tool will empower consumers with information about their own health and be the beginning of a new class of consumer-driven, in-home, medical diagnostic tools. It will change the face of health care. 

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See also: Company Basil Leaf Technologies - Company developing interactive, consumer-level products that empower individuals to monitor and improve their personal health

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Basil Harris News

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