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Ao Air

Respiratory protection with a better form of mask.

Ao Air allows active urbanites in polluted megacities like Beijing and London to reclaim their outdoor lifestyles and commute and exercise without fear of pollution. Ao Air’s facewear uses advanced nano-fiber technology to clean and filter air, protecting the user while providing unparalleled comfort, performance, and style.

Our story started not so long, long ago in a country far, far away. We were fortunate enough to grow up in one of the most pristine habitats on the planet. There was no shortage of pure air in New Zealand. And we assumed it was like this everywhere.

After travelling the world and living in global megacities, we realized how wrong we were. Air pollution claims some 7 million lives a year*. It blew our minds. We looked at the existing options on the market and were horrified. Facemasks and respirators are effectively repurposed 1960s technology that is fundamentally flawed. We knew we had to do the right thing. And we did. We created a modern hi-tech solution that makes clean air available to everybody.

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People at Ao Air

Company Representative

CEO and Co-Founder at Aō Air.