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Anton Kulaga

Co-Founder and Researcher at CellFabrik, Bioinformatics research assistant at IBAR

Anton has a formal background in international management and economics (Kyiv National Economic University, 2003 - 2008, M.A. with honors). Being passionate about programming since high school, he worked for many years as a software developer. With time however, Anton realized that the pace of progress in solving aging was too slow and decided to take an active position on this matter. He started helping aging researchers and promoting ideas of radical life extension and transhumanism. In 2014, Anton co-founded the International Longevity Alliance, an umbrella organization, uniting forces of longevity activists and advocacy groups all over the world. Understanding, that activism alone may not be enough, Anton gradually switched to bioinformatics by taking online courses and participating in research projects. In 2015-2016 Anton went to the Center of Interdisciplinary Research (Paris, France) where he received training in computational and synthetic biology. In 2017 he joined the Computational Biology of Aging Group as a bioinformatician.

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