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Anna Drangowska-Way

Science writer at

Anna Drangowska-Way is currently working as science writer at Previously, she worked as writer and communications specialist with non-profit organizations.

Anna graduated from the University of Virginia, where she studied genetics in a tiny worm called C. elegans. During graduate school, she became interested in science communication and joined the Genetics Society of America’s Early Career Scientist Leadership Program, where she was a member of the Communication and Outreach Subcommittee.

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See also: Institute (LEAF) - Supporting the development of biotechnologies focused on ending age-related diseases

Articles written by Anna Drangowska-Way

NMN has shown potential in human clinical trials, but more research is needed (LEAF) - 27-Sep-2023

NMN improved physical performance, muscle function, and insulin sensitivity


Plant-based diets can slow down ageing and help you live longer (LEAF) - 06-Sep-2023

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes reduce the risk of age-related diseases


Senolytics have gender-specific effects on ageing in young mice (LEAF) - 30-Aug-2023

More research is needed to determine the safety and efficacy of senolytics in humans


AI identifies new senolytics that could treat age-related diseases (LEAF) - 09-Aug-2023

Three natural compounds identified, paving the way for new treatments