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Angelique Chan

Associate Professor at National University of Singapore and Director of the Centre of Ageing Research & Education at Duke-NUS

Dr Angelique Chan holds joint appointments as Associate Professor in the Signature Program in Health Services and Systems Research, Duke-NUS and the Department of Sociology, NUS. She is Director of the Centre of Ageing Research & Education at Duke-NUS.

Dr Chan received her PhD in Sociology from the University of California at Los Angeles and completed a US National Institute of Aging Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan. She received bachelor's degree in sociology from Reed College.

She has published widely on aging issues in leading international journals and is co-author of a book titled Ageing in Singapore: Service Needs & the State (Routledge, 2006). Her current research investigates the relationship between aging and various physical and mental health outcomes including healthy life expectancy, caregiving, productive aging, and long term care service utilization.

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