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Computer Program to master chess, shigo, go, Deep Mind

AlphaZero is a computer program developed by artificial intelligence research company DeepMind to master the games of chess, shogi and go. The algorithm uses an approach similar to AlphaGo Zero. On December 5, 2017, the DeepMind team released a preprint introducing AlphaZero, which within 24 hours of training achieved a superhuman level of play in these three games by defeating world-champion programs Stockfish, elmo, and the 3-day version of AlphaGo Zero. In each case it made use of custom tensor processing units (TPUs) that the Google programs were optimized to use.AlphaZero was trained solely via "self-play" using 5,000 first-generation TPUs to generate the games and 64 second-generation TPUs to train the neural networks, all in parallel, with no access to opening books or endgame tables. After four hours of training, DeepMind estimated AlphaZero was playing at a higher Elo rating than Stockfish 8; after 9 hours of training, the algorithm defeated Stockfish 8 in a time-controlled 100-game tournament (28 wins, 0 losses, and 72 draws).

The trained algorithm played on a single machine with four TPUs. DeepMind's paper on AlphaZero was published in the journal Science on 7 December 2018. In 2019 DeepMind published a new paper detailing MuZero, a new algorithm able to generalise on AlphaZero work playing both Atari and board games without knowledge of the rules or representations of the game.

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