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Ali Hoshiar

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at University of Essex

Since 2009, Dr Hoshiar has been working on small scale robotics (actuation, sensing, and control), and he gained experience in modelling, simulation, and development of mechatronic systems in medical applications. He joined the University of Essex as Lecturer in mechatronics in 2019. Before joining Essex, he was a research fellow at STORM Lab University of Leeds (UK) where he was focusing on the development of soft continuum magnetic robots for surgical intervention (an EPSRC funded project).

He also has developed the world’s first soft continuum microrobot used for angioplasty application in DGIST-ETH joint microrobotics research centre (Switzerland, S. Korea). In S. Korea he also collaborated with the GIST intelligence medical robotics laboratory (S. Korea) for developing magnetic-based mechatronics systems. His research interests revolve around Micro/nanotechnology and Robotics for health care and environmental applications.

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See also: Academia University of Essex - Public research university.

Ali Hoshiar News

Microswarms potentially beneficial for opening a blockage in a shunt

Nano Magazine - 19-Aug-2022

Sediment built-up in the shunts can be scraped out using microbot swarms