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Alexey Turchin

Life extensionist in Russia

I am Alexey Turchin, x-risks researcher, creator of roadmaps, Russian outsider art collector, Founder of Russian Transhumanist Party, Founder of "Digital immortality Now" company.

Alexey Turchin (1973) is the author of several books and articles on the topics of existential risks and life extension. From 2010, he works in the Foundation Science for Life Extension in Moscow, Russia. He is the founder of Digital Immortality Now startup working on the collecting data about a person for the future return of this person to life. He is a member of the advisory boards of IEET, Open Longevity, AI agents.

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See also: Company Digital Immortality Now - Biotechnology company with aim to preserve information about a human being or future use

Details last updated 24-Apr-2020

Alexey Turchin Creations

Immortality roadmap

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Alexey Turchin News

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