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AI in Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D

Online webinar about Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery organized by Deep Pharma Intelligence (FREE)


The primary goal of this webinar is to give a complete picture of the industry environment in terms of AI usage in drug discovery, clinical research, and other elements of pharmaceutical research and development. This comprehensive overview will present trends and insights in the form of mindmaps and infographics, and benchmark the performance of key players who shape the industry's space and relationships. This webinar is designed to guide you through what is going on in this industry right now and potentially predict what will happen next.

The keynote speeches will highlight the fast-paced market dynamics and the overall increase of investment and business development activities in the field of pharmaceutical AI. The lists of AI-biotech companies, biotech investors, and pharma organizations have been expanded to include new entities. A new list of leading companies has been added to outline the pharmaceutical industry's growing interest in AI and ML technologies. Along with investment and commercial trends, the webinar will include technical details on some of the most recent advancements in AI research and implementation.

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Details last updated 18-Mar-2022

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