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AHA Health

Collect, analyse and identify health risks for preventive healthcare

AHA offers Clinician Led Technology that predicts health risks and recommends clinical interventions through continuous Patient Engagement and Data Analytics. AHA goes beyond the ability just to predict a Health Risk, we provide the capability to do something about it. Founded in 2014 by a team of Patients & Doctors to develop technology for Patient Care that improves quality and drives down the cost. We help Healthcare Providers to disrupt the way healthcare is delivered by moving from a Reactive Sick-care to a Proactive Health-care More than a billion people in the world, including a third of the adults in UK/US/India suffer from at least one chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart disease, neurological complications and mental health issues. The NHS spends £60 Billion a year on treating long-term Chronic conditions. In the US & India 70% of healthcare spending is out of the patients own pocket.

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Details last updated 15-Sep-2019

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