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World's first 3D scanner for remote and early detection of skin cancer


Key points from article :

Queenslanders could have skin cancer diagnosed earlier using world-first 3D scanning technology.

“ track moles and skin spots using full body mapping, a game-changer for melanoma detection,” - H. Peter Soyer, Dermatologist.

“This technology is revolutionising early melanoma detection using 3D body imaging systems that take an image in milliseconds,” - Soyer.

“Allows dermatologists and medical professionals to detect skin cancers remotely.”

“Researchers can access a national database of up to 100,000 patient develop effective screening for the early detection.”

“...transforms the way we will monitor patients in the future.”

The project brings three leading Australian universities, UQ, The University of Sydney and Monash University.

Queenslanders can be part of the world’s largest melanoma imaging trial at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The technology is expected to be rolled out to five other regions across Queensland.

People in Queensland can sign up to partake in the screening trial at Brisbane

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Public Research university.


Professor and inaugural Chair in Dermatology at the University of Queensland


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Public Research university.