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World's first 3D female anatomy model is available in the Complete Anatomy app


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Most anatomy models used in medical training had male bodies as the default.

By centering education around that default, it affects how people are treated and how conditions are diagnosed.

Elsevier launched the most advanced 3-D full female anatomy model.

This app-based model can be accessed through the company’s app.

Examine the complete human female skeletal system and study accurate portrayals of the muscles in female bodies.

Users can compare sexual differences and reveal the origin and distribution of nerves.

Yasmin Carter, an assistant professor of translational anatomy at the UMass Chan Medical School, said this sense of inequity, of not fully understanding the female body in medical education, has clinical ramifications too.

Delayed diagnoses and misdiagnoses for female bodies are high.

Carter added, “If we do not teach medicine equally, then how can we expect healthcare to be equal?”

Elsevier is currently working on diversification of skin tone and facial characteristics in their models.

Female model allows health professionals have a better perspective on women's health

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Elsevier is a global information analytics business in science, health and technology

Yasmin Carter

Assistant Professor of Translational Anatomy at the UMass Chan Medical School