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World's first robot assisted surgery saved an 85-years-old's eyesight


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Surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital & Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust used a robot to remove tumour next to a patient’s eye.

A grandmother aged 85 years had a recurrent basal cell carcinoma on the inner corner of her right eye.

These type of cancers are among the most common cancers in the UK, affecting more than 150,000 people a year.

Guy’s and St Thomas’ has pioneered the use of robotic technology for surgery in the UK.

Enable surgeons to perform precise procedures in a minimally invasive way, so patients can recover quicker.

Surgeons worked with enhanced precision and a magnified view to successfully remove the tumour while preserving the nerves and function of her eye.

A two-hour operation at Guy’s Hospital, which means she doesn’t need any radiotherapy treatment.

“It’s the first time in the world...and we hope we can treat more patients in the same way," - Jean-Pierre Jeannon, head and neck surgeon.

Treating the incurable - robotic technology improved precision and accuracy of surgeons

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