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Viral particles inside the body are made harmless by DNA origami


Key points from article :

Researchers developed new anti-viral technology that does not rely on small-molecule viral inhibitors.

Instead employs a nano-sized viral trap that can engulf and immobilize viral particles within the body.

The technology uses DNA to form the building blocks of the trap structure, but as DNA is quite fragile.

They used UV light and polyethylene glycol to stabilize the material before use.

After this treatment, the nanostructures were stable for 24 hours in serum from mice.

The structure is composed of 3D triangular plates that can slot together.

Hendrik Dietz, researcher involved in the study says “We can now produce objects with up to 180 subunits...”

Viral traps showed immobilization of hepatitis B viral particles and adeno-associated viruses.

Even a simple half-shell of the right size shows a measurable reduction in virus activity.

Research by Technical University of Munich published in Nature Materials.

New tiny virus catcher acts as nanorobots to engulf viral particles

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Hendrik Dietz

Full Professor at Technical University of Munich

Nature Materials

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Technical University of Munich (TUM)

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