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UK toughens up precautionary measures against the new coronavirus

Symptoms quite similar to that of seasonal flu, takes 5 days to appear once infected


Key points from article :

Coronavirus risk to the UK has been changed from "very low" to "low".

Human-to-human transmission of the virus had been confirmed.

Airport authorities will monitor all flights from Wuhan to London Heathrow.

Flights will arrive at an isolated part of Terminal 4, with a health team available.

Chinese authorities have advised people to stop travel into and out of Wuhan.

WHO is yet to decide if it should be declared an international public health emergency.

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Calum Semple

Professor of Outbreak Medicine and Child Health at University of Liverpool

Nathalie MacDermott

Clinical lecturer at King’s College London and researcher at National Institute for Health Research

Neil Ferguson

Epidemiologist at Imperial College London

Nick Phin

Deputy director, Public Health England's National Infection Service

Public Health England (PHE)

Health protection agency.

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