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Tumour-targeting viruses for brain cancer treatment


Key points from article :

Specialised viruses called bacteriophages are used to target cancer cells in the brains

of mice.

Cancer-targeting viruses don’t enter healthy cells and are safe for use in human tissues.

Viral therapy with low dose temozolomide leads to regression of tumours in mice with


Phage therapy with TMZ showed the greatest survival benefit compared to TMZ or

phage therapy alone.

Trials in cancer patients could begin within the next 3-5 years in the USA or in the UK.

Imperial College London running the clinical trial.

The study was published in journal EMBO Molecular Medicine.

The virus is able to kill cancer cells, tumour feeding new blood vessel cells and cancer stem cells

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Amin Hajitou

Professor of Targeted Therapeutics at Imperial College London.

EMBO Molecular Medicine

Scientific journal providing information from the field of molecular medicine.

Imperial College London (ICL)

Public research university with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research