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THz perception: Exciting avenue of research for Cancer treatment


Key points from article :

T-ray probe technology is to be combined with medical-grade surgical robots as part of Terabotics.

To scan for tumours under the skin.

It could lead to real-time diagnosis for cancer patients.

More comprehensive removal of tumours with reduced need for follow-up surgery.

Previous work has shown that T-rays can detect changes in the outermost layers of skin,

The technique has already been demonstrated on healthy volunteers.

Terabotics, which starts in September 2021, aims to trial the technology with patients.

Emma Pickwell-MacPherson, principal investigator Professor said that

"... terahertz probe will be able to detect hidden tumours by looking at the transient response of the skin."

Initially, the researchers will focus on adapting the T-ray probes to work with the surgical robots.

Later the project will involve trialling the technology with patients with a known or suspected cancer.

Research by Warwick University and University of Leeds.

Improvement in quality of life by 5 to 10 years in cancer patients

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Principal investigator Professor belonging to department of physics from Warwick University


University for research power.