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Thymmune Therapeutics raised $7 million in seed financing

Thymmune aims at developing therapies to treat several autoimmune diseases and organ transplant tolerance


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Thymmune Therapeutics debuted Wednesday with $7 million in seed financing.

This company is developing cell therapies that regenerate the thymus, thereby restoring and improving immune function.

"Historically, the thymus was thought to be a vestigial organ but recent decades of research have shown it to be critical in proper immune function," Stan Wang, founder and CEO.

Thymmune's goal is to combine this growing body of thymus knowledge with the recent advancements in cell therapies. 

“Our approach has the potential to transform immunology by developing novel therapies for patients with a range of immune system disorders,” he said.

They are looking at testing its platform to treat several autoimmune diseases and address organ transplant tolerance. 

Thymmune’s platform could also boost immune function and address the biology of aging.

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Stan Wang

CEO & Founder at Thymmune Therapeutics

Thymmune Therapeutics

Biotechnology company restoring Immune Function through Thymic Cell Engineering

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Thymmune Therapeutics raised $7 million in seed financing