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The path to an extended health span and a healthier death


Key points from article :

Senescent cells no longer divide, but they are active and they accumulate during ageing.

Secrete lots of molecules that promote ageing related tissue degradation.

Eliminating senescent cells can expand the median life span but may not increase maximum life span.

Some people believe that life span could extend up to even 1000 years without any scientific evidence.

Expanding life span up to even 200 years is not realistic at this point.

To evolve a 30-fold difference in life span evolution maybe had to tweak thousands of genes.

From a discussion with anti-ageing pioneer and co-founder of Unity Biotechnology, Judith Campisi.

Unity Biotechnology launched the human trial of its first senolytic drug last July.

Still a long way to go before expanding life span

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Professor of biogerontology and Biochemist.


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