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Tempus launches a smart handheld device 'Tempus ONE' for oncologists


Key points from article :

Tempus has unveiled a breakthrough technology for oncologists, Tempus ONE.

Smart & portable device offers physicians real-time access to all the clinical insights & data contained in Tempus’ genomic reports.

Tempus’ multi-omic molecular tests arm oncologists with their patients’ actionable genetic alterations.

Company’s proprietary platform connects with electronic health records (EHR) to provide clinical context.

Handheld, cube-like device takes questions and input from physicians through an embedded microphone. Produces a response for playback through its proprietary voice-activated speaker system.

“..harnessing the almost 30 petabytes of data we have collected...embedded into a device..puts the full breadth and scope of our technology platform in the hands of every doctor we serve" - Eric Lefkofsky, CEO.

Relays all information & reports to offer real time solutions to physician problems

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Company Representative

American billionaire, Founder & CEO of Tempus


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