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Tackling multiple dysfunctions together can stop ageing signs


Key points from article :

Age-related dysfunctions often termed the 'hallmarks of aging' are approached as distinct mechanisms.

Hallmarks are not discrete entities but are interconnected and overlapping.

Identification of links between NAD+ decline, cellular senescence, and chronic inflammation.

NAD+ plays a key role in biological processes, ranging from energy metabolism to cell survival and repair.

Cellular senescence prevent unrestricted division of damaged and potentially cancerous cells.

Restoration of NAD+ and selective elimination of senescent cells extend lifespan.

Falling NAD+ levels and senescent cell recruitment are mediated via chronic inflammation.

Accumulation of senescent cells with age leads to increased pro-inflammatory SASP.

SASP leads to CD38 expression and concurrent decrease in NAD+ levels.

CD38 inhibitor 78c reverse age-related NAD+ decline and improve physiological and metabolic parameters of aging.

Several factors must be addressed at once, targeting the cascading network of age-related decline.

NAD+ levels, senescence and chronic inflammation collectively influence ageing