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Summary of Jim Mellon presentation at Longevity Med Summit


Jim Mellon is optimistic about advancements in the longevity industry, though he expressed concern about the current slow pace of funding and scientific advancement.

He shared his experience of setting up Juvenescence, a private company focused on drug development, which has raised over $300 million.

He underscored the increasing life expectancy globally, while also acknowledging the health disparities present even in the world's wealthiest nations.

He stressed the need for a shift in societal norms, accepting that people will work longer and must remain healthy to do so.

He mentioned that age is the most significant risk factor for chronic diseases, and with an aging population, health care needs will increase substantially.

Mellon warned about the unsustainable health care costs in the future, with the U.S expected to spend 35% of its GDP on healthcare by 2040.

He highlighted the problem of declining fertility rates leading to a shrinking young population, which will result in fewer taxpayers to support healthcare expenditure.

He emphasized the need for more funding in gerontology research and longevity industry to ensure a healthier aging population.

He mentioned that Juvenescence is looking for early commercialization and is targeting traditional diseases in its initial trials, aiming to add healthy lifespan.

Urges individuals with resources and a desire to contribute positively to humanity to invest in the longevity industry

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Jim Mellon

British entrepreneur, author and philanthropist with interests across a number of industries


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.

Longevity Med Summit

04-May-2023 to 05-May-2023

Annual gathering of the entire longevity ecosystem to tackle the aging problem

Summary of Jim Mellon presentation at Longevity Med Summit