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Stem cell therapy: A potential avenue for reversing pituitary gland ageing


Key points from article :

The Pituitary gland plays a major role in the hormonal system.

It undergoes a process known as 'inflammaging'- inflammation and aging, in mice as the result of age-related chronic inflammation.

This contributes to the reduction of hormonal processes and hormone levels in the body.

Studies showed this can be slowed or reversed through stem cells leading to the repair of the tissue even in adult animals.

" soon as the stem cells are taken out of this environment, they show the same properties as stem cells from a young pituitary."-Vankelecom

This study opens up potential avenues for reversing aging and repairing damages caused by tumors through activation or transplant of stem cells.

This study also suggests the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to slow down pituitary aging or rejuvenate an aging pituitary.

Further research is required to demonstrate whether the results apply to humans which seems highly likely due to similarities in pituitary gene expressions.

Study by KU Leven published in PNAS

Slowing down natural ageing process of pituitary glands with stem cells

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Professor at Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Division, KU Leuven


Public Research university.


Multidisciplinary scientific journal, official journal of the National Academy of Sciences