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Sony has ventured into medical field with a robotic system for microsurgeries

The robot was successfully tested in a February experiment at Aichi Medical University


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Sony, known for electronics, has developed a robot to assist surgeons in delicate microsurgeries involving tiny tissues like veins and nerves.

The robot replicates the surgeon's hand movements at a smaller scale, using a highly sensitive control device and a miniature surgical instrument with wrist-like flexibility.

A key innovation is the robot's ability to automatically exchange miniaturized surgical tools, addressing a common challenge in existing surgical robots.

Equipped with a Sony 4K OLED microdisplay, the robot provides the surgeon with high-definition visuals of the surgical field, aiding precision.

In a February trial at Aichi Medical University, the robot successfully enabled non-specialist surgeons to perform a complex microvascular anastomosis procedure.

Sony aims to refine this technology through further collaboration with medical institutions, hoping to address healthcare challenges and advance the field of surgery.

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Aichi Medical University

Private university in Japan

Sony Corporation

Multinational company engaged with electronic equipment and other devices

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Sony has ventured into medical field with a robotic system for microsurgeries