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Silicon Valley and rich people invest to slow down ageing and live longer


Key points from article :

Super rich people invest their vast wealth in research to slow the ageing process and extend life.

Amazon founder, Pay-pal co-founder, Oracle founder, Google billionaires are only a few of them.

Some of them are even leading companies working towards anti-ageing.

Average life expectancy is expected to go up to between 110-120 years over the next three decades.

This will be due to medical breakthroughs in diseases, new drugs and healthier lifestyles.

All the money in the world to fight ageing and death

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Pharmaceutical research and development.

Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer of Amazon.


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.

Company Representative

American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur, co-founder of Google.


American entrepreneur and venture capitalist.


Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health