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Scientist are working on a Human Cell Atlas

This comprehensive map of human cells will revolutionise medicine


Key points from article :

The project Human Cell Atlas - intends to catalog all the estimated 37 trillion cells that make up our body.

It will knit together information about how cells organize into tissues, communicate, and how things go wrong.

Such a resource could one day have huge implications for understanding and treating human disease.

Knowing where gene is doling out damage is essential to making a medicine that’s effective.

A reference map of what all the healthy cells in the body look like would be invaluable for comparing with diseased tissues to see where things went wrong.

Human Cell Atlas will also help match cancer patients to the right treatments.

“From the beginning we have designed this as a public good and an open resource to enable science around the world,” - Dr. Regev.

It’s meant to be a generally useful reference for how healthy tissue behaves, like the human genome was for DNA.

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Aviv Regev

Professor of Biology and Computational Biologist at MIT.

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