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Sano Genetics, a precision medicine research software company, raised $11.4M

Sano's software pinpoints the perfect treatment match for each patient


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Sano Genetics, a rising star in precision medicine, just scored $11.4 million to empower clinical trials with their revolutionary software.

Their platform manages all aspects of trials, from patient recruitment and genetic testing to communication and results delivery.

Sano Genetics' platform has supported 20+ studies for various diseases, helped onboard patients 3x faster, and launched a program for families affected by ALS.

New funding will help Sano expand its reach, integrate AI tools, and lead the charge in predictive and preventive genetics.

Precision medicine trials using Sano's platform have a 26% success rate compared to 10% for standard trials, accelerating breakthroughs for patients.

Sano connects patients across four countries with pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

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Sano Genetics

Personal health and genomic platform directly linked to cutting-edge research institutions

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Sano Genetics, a precision medicine research software company, raised $11.4M