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Robots to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic


Key points from article :

Robots have been useful in the pandemic.

Can monitor patients without having to wear masks or risking the spread of the virus.

Robot Vici (InTouch Health) can treat infected patients while protecting the health of the hospital’s employees.

Another robot Temi that provides, without face-to-face contact, fever self-diagnosis & a video call solution.

Cruzr (UBTech Robotics), an intelligent humanoid device equipped with thermal cameras to monitor people’s temperature.

Some robots enable remote control of ventilators & other medical equipment(JHU).

Drones & some robots (Spot) help enforce the lockdown & reinforce quarantine regulations.

Disinfection robots have proven their worth in the fight against COVID-19.

Machines with an array of ultraviolet (UV) light transmitters that can destroy viruses.

Some distributes a mist to disinfect between 20,000 & 36,000 square-meters in 1 hour.

Helped ramp up production to meet the increased demand for new products created by the pandemic.

No risk of spreading the virus or getting infected - will reinforce the health task-force

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