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Robotic injections for safer, pain-free aesthetic procedures


Key points from article :

Robotic arm to autonomously inject aesthetics patients with botox, soft tissue fillers, developed.

Tech uses artificial intelligence (AI) and an electronic syringe.

NextMotion, has been trialing LENA, a word-first light-enabled neuro-robotic arm.

It is equipped with a vision system and AI to allow it to administer treatment plans by doctors.

Using augmented reality, the technology allows doctors to carry out assessments.

With real-time simulations to explain procedures to patients and identify injection points.

Currently awaiting medical certification, it is said to be safer and pain-free.

Offers consistency, predictability in the treatments for doctors.

Also give cost benefits for both patients and aesthetic practitioners.

The future new norm to revolutionize how patients get botox and soft tissue fillers

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Company Representative

Aesthetic Medicine specialist, Founder and CEO, NextMotion


World-first robot injector


Aesthetic technology company, Paris