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Richard Ljuhar sheds light on AI-driven ImageBiopsy lab


Key points from article :

MedicalExpo e-Magazine interviews Richard Ljuhar, CEO of ImageBiopsy Lab.

IB Lab is aiming to disrupt the way bone and joint diseases are currently being diagnosed.

AI-supported software offer a novel way to translate imaging data into structured health information.

Developed and certified MSK-analysis-focused digital workflow platform, IBLAB ZOO.

Initial focus of MSK platform has been on 2D X-ray modules for the knee, hip, hand and spine.

Increasing diagnostic accuracy, new insights into the prediction of disease onset and treatment outcomes.

Accelerates the workflow and improve the time and quality of patient care.

Physicians will embrace the benefits digital health offers.

In a few years from now, there won’t be any image study seen by radiologists which has not been pre-analyzed by an AI algorithm first.

AI in the healthcare market is relatively new with huge growth potential.

It extracts information from healthcare data which is currently available but not accessible.

Highlights the diagnostic accuracy of musculoskeletal diseases using AI processed medical imaging

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Software company based in Wien, Austria

Company Representative

CEO & co-founder of ImageBiopsy Lab