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Retro Biosciences launched to add 10 years to human lifespan


Key points from article :

Retro Biosciences announced on Twitter that it is launching with $180 million in funding.

Its mission “is to increase healthy human lifespan by 10 years.”

Focus on cellular reprogramming, autophagy and plasma-inspired therapeutics.

By focusing on the cellular driver of aging, Retro will produce therapeutics eventually capable of multi-disease prevention.

The $180 million will be used to take it through the first proof-of-concept and secure operation over the next 10 years.

Retro stated, A molecule in autophagy program will enter the clinic in the next year.

Characterizing and optimizing plasma interventions in both preclinical and clinical settings, with the first candidate expected in two years.

Cellular reprogramming effort is closest to fundamental research and farthest upstream in the mechanisms of aging.

“To support these programs, we are investing in single-cell multi-omics, machine-learning-based computational biology, and lab automation.”

$180M fund will support research on cellular reprogramming, autophagy & plasma-inspired therapeutics

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