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Retrievable nanobots could prevent post-treatment root canal failures

in vitro studies shows prevention of failures due to bacterial infection


Key points from article :

Disinfecting nanobots could be the key to preventing the failure of root canal fillings post-treatment.

Major problem that occurs after root canal treatment is bacterial infection leading to “failure” of the filling.

Post-treatment failures could be hugely mitigated with the help of magnetically controlled-nanobots.

Ambarish Ghosh and his team at the IISc developed it to fit through the dentinal tubules and reach the bacteria to kill it.

Established antibacterial efficacy against Enterococcus faecalis bacterium biofilms inside the human tooth.

Localized heat through magnetic hyperthermia at tissues highest depths of 2000 microns is achieved.

Next challenge involves organizing randomized controlled trials for in vivo animal studies from in vitro.

Ghosh is also hopeful his team’s work can be the start of a generalized approach to “nanosurgery”.

Research by Indian Institute of Science, led by Ambarish Ghosh, published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

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Advanced Healthcare Materials

Journal providing information on high-impact materials, devices, and technologies for improving human health.

Ambarish Ghosh

Professor at Indian Institute of science and Co-Founder at Theranautilus Pvt Ltd

Indian Institute of Science

Research university for higher education in science and engineering.

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