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Rejuvenation Technologies raises $10.6M to develop anti-ageing therapies


Key points from article :

Rejuvenation Technologies, backed by Khosla Ventures, secures $10.6 million for mRNA age-reversal therapy.

The lead candidate focuses on addressing telomere shortening, a key ageing mechanism.

Research by Rejuvenation shows mRNA therapy can rewind 10 years of telomere shortening.

Dr. John Ramunas, CEO, aims for a therapy taken every few years to extend the health span.

The funding will advance the company's programmes in fibrotic disease and the immune system.

Rejuvenation plans to expand its operations and bring on additional team members.

A single dose of mRNA therapy could rewind ageing and extend lifespan

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John Ramunas

CEO and co-founder of Rejuvenation Technologies Inc

Khosla Ventures

Venture Capital & Private Equity company

Rejuvenation Technologies

Biotechnology company that developed nucleoside-modified TERT mRNA to safely and rapidly extend telomeres

Rejuvenation Technologies raises $10.6M to develop anti-ageing therapies