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Recharge your mitochondrial batteries to live longer


Key points from article :

Protonmotive force (PMF) has been highlighted as a potential target for age related therapies, making energetics a new gateway to longer healthspan.

Study authors, Brandon Berry and Matt Kaeberlein, phrased mitochondrial function as the body’s “battery power” that declines with age.

Boosting mitochondrial function and PMF levels could “recharge your battery”, preventing or reversing the aging process.

All functions are governed by PMF and in the absence of it, diminished mitochondrial function is seen which leads to cell death.

It is unclear if these PMF levels are caused by aging or are causing aging.

Use of calorie-reduction preserved PMF levels in aging rats.

Calorie-reduction mimicking drugs, metformin and rapamycin showed lifespan extending effects through PMF regulation.

The field is fast advancing and could be used to tackle more than one hallmark of aging.

Study by University of Washington published in Geroscience.

Breakthrough in longevity research - cellular energetics may stop or even reverse the ageing process

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Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Washington


Professor at University of Washington and chair of the American Aging Association