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Raising awareness on senolytic drugs as a promising anti-ageing medicine

Senolytic Therapy Network aims to take the senotherapeutics from lab to clinic


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Senolytic Therapy Network (STN) as the premier organisation for studying and implementing senolytic therapies into clinical practice.

Born out of a desire to educate clinicians on the up-and-coming aspects of senolytics therapies.

Preparing for the first Annual Senolytic Therapies Congress later this year in the autumn.

Although senotherapeutics is still its early days, it is gathering investment interest.

“Anti-aging therapeutics and age management medicine is going to be the next big thing,” - Luis Martínez, Founder of STN.

“..tailor the senolytics to specific organs, tissues, or wherever they are needed at that moment.”

“Dermal senolytics (dermalytics), looking particularly at skin aging and the field of tropical dermal senolytics.”

Interested in applying senolytic therapies to the bone marrow space.

“In the future I think we’ll see...NAD boosting therapies converging with senolytics.”

“Senolytics are believed to be essential in the anti-aging effort,” - Jin-Xiong She, Founder of Jinifiniti.

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Jin-Xiong She

Founder and CEO, Jinfiniti Precision Medicine and Director of the MCG Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine,

Luis Martinez

President at XanoGene Clinic and Co-Founder at Clinical Peptide Society.

Senolytic Therapy Network (STN)

Company developing the world’s first Certified Senotherapeutics Practictioner program.

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