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R42 group launched $14 million funds aiming to extend longevity


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R42 Group, the investment group of Dr Ronjon Nag, has launched its first fund this week.

A $14 million seed fund targeting early companies “at the intersection of mathematics and biology.”

“We’ll be making seed, first check investments in the $250,000 range, in what I call tough tech in this space.” - Ronjon Nag

Companies with unique technologies and biotech companies focused on addressing the hallmarks of aging.

AI is one of the fund’s key areas of interest. “But, also interested in technologies that might help you live better in older age”.

Nag expects to announce its first investments in the next few weeks.

Companies will likely be “very early stage – usually three to five people, often coming out of a university.”

A value-add for R42 investee companies is access to the group’s wider ecosystem, including the R42 Institute.

Offers fellowship opportunities for young people to work on 12-week AI projects.

When it comes to Longevity developments in general, Nag is excited by several areas.

Funding targets early-stage companies and postdoc researchers with unique ideas

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Company Inventing and Investing in AI, Science and Biotech.

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Managing Director and Founder at R42 Group.